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Private Horse Owners Liability Insurance Coverage

Horse owners have unique liability exposures that may not be covered under normal personal liability policies, such as a homeowner’s policy.  We have companies that have policies to cover liability for both bodily injury and property damage to others resulting from horse ownership.  Individual owners of personal or show horses who not derive an income and are not involved in commercial activities are eligible.  With liability limits, up to $1,000,000, we have the coverage that is right for you and your horse.  Please contact Laurel Fowler Insurance Broker, Inc. for more details.

We represent some of the top insurance companies in North America, allowing us to offer some of the most economical rates available.  For more details and questions, please contact Laurel Fowler Insurance Broker, Inc. toll free at 1- (800)700-6263.   We also have brochures available!

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*Please note: This website provides only a simplified description of coverage’s and is not a statement of contract.  Coverage may not apply in all states.  When you receive your policy please read the complete details on coverage’s, limits, conditions, exclusions and all endorsements.