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Horse Riding Clubs

Riding clubs and their varied functions pose unique liability exposures, which need specially designed coverage tailored to these needs.  The Riding Club Liability Program has the flexibility to be custom tailored to cover such exposures as premises liability for meetings and fund-raisers, trail rides, boarding, clinics and public events. (I.e. shows and parades).  The policy can be written on a short-term basis for one-time events or annually.

Please take into consideration that the Riding Club Liability Program does NOT protect members from each other and it DOES NOT pay claims or property damage happening to a member.  Every individual member MUST carry their own personal liability insurance, including Medical, Accident, and Disability Insurance.  In some cases, Home Owners Insurance may provide some protection, and each individual should review their policies to have a better understanding.

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*Please note: This website provides only a simplified description of coverage’s and is not a statement of contract.  Coverage may not apply in all states.  When you receive your policy please read the complete details on coverage’s, limits, conditions, exclusions and all endorsements.