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Horse Boarding Custody Care Liability Insurance

Equine Care, Custody, or Control insurance is an essential coverage for all horse operations which involve non-owned horses, including boarding, breeding and training.  Standard Equine Liability Insurance excused coverage for horses in your Care, Custody or Control Care.  This coverage fills this void by promising to pay all sums you are legally obligated to pay for damage to non-owned horses in your Care, Custody or Control.  This coverage does not apply to horses that you own or lease.  Mortality Insurance is designed for these needs.

Your policy will over up to the chosen policy limits for the injury, theft or death of the horses in your Care, Custody or Control.

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*Please note: This website provides only a simplified description of coverage’s and is not a statement of contract.  Coverage may not apply in all states.  When you receive your policy please read the complete details on coverage’s, limits, conditions, exclusions and all endorsements.